whAT IS train play perform?

The site connecting you to your best golf yet!


Train Play Perform is a website designed to connect players with the opportunity to improve their game in a variety of ways.

Whether it is…

  • TRAINing a swing habit or skill vital to performing on the golf course

  • PLAYing to discover what you do to score low & what are your biggest challenges

  • PERFORMing your best in competitions with on site coach support

This website is available for players of all skill levels and interests to find a program for them. Coach Zach is a trained PGA Professional that has spent his time in the golf industry learning how to support players in their journeys to better and more enjoyable golf. Find out more about him and his journey below.


About Coach Zach

Zach Theut is a young and passionate golf coach that focuses on helping players shoot lower scores and enjoy their time out on the golf course.

Zach Theut Bio

Performance and Swing Coach

Zach’s passion is helping players become aware of their best self and how they perform their best on the golf course. He is grateful to have been able to support a variety of players, from beginners to tour professionals. He joins the impressive staff at the Fox Hills Learning and Performance Center excited to provide coaching sessions that bring out a player's best golf through simple learnings and actions.

Zach has recently spent five years being a team member of VISION54, co-founded by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott. During his time coaching with VISION54, Zach gained insight in how and what to coach golfers of all levels to perform better on the course and enjoy it more. Zach has also attended the well recognized VISION54 coach training on several occasions. 

During many of the programs, Zach will coach VISION54 concepts he learned while working with the team. To learn more about VISION54 click below.

In addition to his learnings from VISION54, Zach has spent extensive time learning from other swing coaches on different swing styles. Some of the biggest influencers Zach has learned from include Donald Crawley, Charley Vandenberg, Mike Shannon, and Chris Foley. Zach uses these experiences to help players find what swing fits them best and how they can access their best swings on the golf course.

As he joins the Fox Hills Learning and Performance Center, as well as assisting in many Jordan Young Golf Programs, Zach will use his background in performance coaching and swing coaching to help players of all skill levels train the skills they uniquely need to play better golf and have more fun!  

Certifications and Education

  • Wright Balance Certified: Level 5 (2017 - Present)

  • Opti International Certification Course - Completed (2016)

  • TPI Level 1 Golf Certified (2015-Present)

  • VISION54 Coach Training Alumni (2014-2017)

  • PGA of America Professional (Class-A member) (2013-Present)

  • TrackMan Level 1 (2013-2014)

  • Trained in Mike Shannon Laser Optic Putting System (2013)

  • Michigan Special Olympics Coach (2012-2013)