Why Perform?

The ultimate goal for any of our programs is to help players shoot lower scores and enjoy their time on the course even more. Utilizing support while in competition is a great way to make these goals a reality. Whether it is support for warm-up, game-planning, or feedback from tournament observations, these interactions with a coach are invaluable opportunities to get the most out of a players efforts.


PERFORM programs are great for players…

  • Interested in competitive play

  • Experiencing challenges in tournament play

  • Looking to continue improving their overall game

Tournament Observations

Receive on site support for competitive play (9 - 18 holes). Players will gain assistance with designing a game plan for the event and receive feedback after the round from the coaches observations. Players may also receive support during warm-up if possible.

To schedule a tournament observation, please contact Zach directly at

Operation36 Challenge Days

Season long on course challenges with coach supervision designed to help players become more acclimated to the game and competitive golf.

Operation 36 Challenge Days includes access to all ten Operation36 “on-course” Challenges and the Operation 36 platform for APP access. There are 2 levels for students and the coaches will direct players and parent towards the best possible starting point based on their skill level. Players must qualify to move up to Level 2 unless they are promoted by the coaches, Jordan and Zach.

Level 1 - On course coach supervision and challenges for these players will be consistent with scoring 36 or lower from designated teeing areas on Strategic Fox; 25, 50 and 100 yards. Players with qualifying scores at 36 or lower will graduate to Level 2 Challenge Days.

Level 2 - On-Course supervision and challenges for these players will change from week to week based on the coach’s lesson plan. Special scoring zones and performance tasks will be discussed for this group. Level 2 will take place on Strategic Fox and also Classic Fox when available.

Season Pass: $236

To register for Operation36 Challenges Days, please contact

Dates and Times

Sundays 4:00 - 5:30pm

  • April 28th

  • May 26th

  •  June 16th

  • June 23rd

  • July 14th

  • July 21st

  • July 28th

  • Aug 4th

  • Aug 11th

  • Sept 1st


Tournament Athletes Support Coaching

This exclusive program is set to help dedicated players gain continuous performance support during competitive rounds. Players will be able to utilize tournament observations from coaches, educational classes focused on performance, and player specific game plans.

Program runs from April - October

Players will be invited by coaches based on the commitment to the program. For more information on the program and how to connect with a TASC Force Coach please click the button below!